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WALL OF LIGHT, CPH Airport 2013

Wall of Light is located in Copenhagen Airport and is a project for the major Danish brewery Carlsberg. It is designed to communicate the shape of the new bottle, which is launched in 2013.

The installation is constructed as an outer layer of laminated glass and an inner wall of light panels that are shaped as the new bottle. The light panels are fitted with shaped strips of plastic, each having 170 RGB-LEDs that are individually controllable. All 5000 LEDs are mapped to a video canvas through custom software written in c++ with openFrameworks. This enables the playback of video content that perceptually breaks with the shape of the LED-strips.

The custom software outputs data to 10 OpenPixelNode controllers, each controlling 4 strings.

For more details on OpenPixelNode, please see the github repository.

Type of work: design, construction and programming
Place: copenhagen airport, denmark
Year: 2013
Client: carlsberg danmark
Hardware: led-strips, custom led-drivers, artnet-interfaces
Software: custom app in c++ with openFrameworks


[vimeo id=”85255614″ width=”614″ height=”354″]


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