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by Alexandra InstituttetIT University of Copenhagen


UPPER BOUNDARY is a work that explores the notion of dynamic, living space, where the audience has the means to change the space above their heads. By walking under a number of lamps, their presence is translated into LIGHT represented vertically as pillars of illumination. And by raising their hands and REACHING OUT, you are invited to affect the light from above and experience a new type of upper space.

The installation consists of 10 vertical tubes with LED lighting inside and ultrasonic distance sensors in the bottom. The sensors measure the distance to the nearest point and thereby lets the lamps react to the presence of the audience.

Tobias Ebsen: idea, hardware design, electronics, programming
Emilie Oksholdt: concept development, assembly
Morten Skov: project management

Upper Boundary is developed by Alexandra Instituttet and the IT University of Copenhagen and supported by project partners Yoke ApS, The Bronson Brothers, and Bremen Teater, and sponsored by InfinIT.


Place: bremen teater (copenhagen, dk), godsbanen (aarhus, dk)
Year: 2014
Hardware: 10 custom LED lighting fixtures, custom electronics
Software: custom software (arduino, c++ / openFrameworks)


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