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SKANSE 3, Danish Royal Library, 2014

This augmented photography was commissioned by the Royal Danish Library for a photo exhibition about the war between Denmark and Germany in 1864. The photo portrays an entrenchment landscape at the place where the battle was fought.

Using two video projectors the photography was extended and added with looming skies and lighting, setting the scene of the mysterious absence of actual action. The audience would experience a slow progression during 8 minutes where both lighting, sound and projections change the mood of the room, and relationship between audience and the photography.

Tobias Ebsen: concept, graphics, animation, video mapping
Christina Bak: concept, project management


Place: the royal library, copenhagen
Year: 2014
Client: the royal library
Hardware: 2 x video projectors, dmx-controlled lights, speakers
Software: adobe after effects, blender, madmapper


[vimeo id=”104114468″ width=”614″ height=”345″]



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