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by Alexandra Instituttet


Three interactive museum installations for World War I museum south of Copenhagen.

ROOM 2: The audience are invited to browse through a large number of film clips from the battle fields of Europe. The entire floor is a map that displays the borders and battle fronts, including 7 zones that-are pressure-sensitive. Stepping on a zone will activate a film clip and a soundscape supporting the portrayed action.

ROOM 7: A large landscape model (2 x 4.5 meters) displays the terrain between Roskilde and Mosede Fort, where a large defence line was established during World War I. This model is overlaid with a detailed map, which is projected onto the surface. Using two touch displays the audience are able to activate various layers and explore the details of the defence line.

ROOM 12: This was once the engine room where a 3 meter tall diesel engine was situated. It was later removed because of its bad condition, never to return to the Fort again. As a replacement, a similar engine is displayed as a video projection onto semi-transparent fabric. The sound of the engine is activated by the presence of audiences in the room.


Liselott Stenfeldt: project management, graphic design
Rune Wehner: sound design, video editing
Tobias Ebsen: hardware planning, programming, installation


Place: mosede fort, greve, denmark
Year: 2014
Hardware: video projectors, force sensors, custom sensor board, touch screens, video splitters, raspberry pi, pir-sensor
Software: custom software (c++ / openFrameworks), madmapper, blendy vj


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