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DENMARK PAVILION, World Expo 2010, Shanghai

The Denmark pavilion for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai was designed by danish architechts BIG. The design featured a spiralling volume with a facade perforated by 3600 holes along the entire 300 meters of the facade. Each hole was fitted with a high power LED fixture, which consequently made the building into an enormous media screen. The light on the facade was designed to fit into the overall design scheme of the pavilion, based on simplistic shapes and smooth surfaces. Different animations were triggered by a sensors measuring the intensity of daylight around the building.


Type of work: facade lighting design and programming
Place: shanghai, china
Year: 2010
Partners: BIG, Martin Professional, CAVI
Hardware: 3600 LED fixtures, ArtNet interfaces, light sensors
Software: custom Java applications



[vimeo id=”13032683″ width=”614″ height=”344″]


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