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DIGITS, Roskilde Festival 2011

DIGITS was first exhibited at Roskilde Festival 2011 as part of the ‘more than music initiative’. Two large digits functioned as stages for interacting with sound and lighting in the installation. Body-movement was picked up by sensors and translated into a visual and auditory experience. Thousands of guests experienced the installation during the four days of festival.

The installation was later relocated to the Musicon area in Roskilde where it is currently running as a permanent part of Pixlpark. It now features three digits and five different light and sound modes.

Liselott Stenfeldt: project management
Rune Wehner: sound design, hardware design
Tobias Ebsen: interaction design, programming


Place: roskilde festival, denmark
Year: 2011
Partners: alexandra instituttet, musicon, municipality of roskilde
Hardware: kinect cameras, speakers, led lights
Software: max/msp, c++ with openFrameworks, ableton live



[vimeo id=”25997480″ width=”614″ height=”361″]


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