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COLORSCAN, Skanderborg Festival 2008

ColorScan was an interactive lighting installation for one of the entrances of Skanderborg Festival in 2008. The idea was to sample colors from people passing by, and use these colors to change the color of the lighting on the entrance building. A camera scanned the area in front of the entrance for bright colors – a raincoat, a hat or an umbrella. The particular spot would then be lit up by a moving light fixture, projecting a cross-hair on the person carrying the color. The cross-hair would then keep tracking that person until he/her was out of the cameras sight.
The top part of the entrance scaffolding was wrapped in opal trapezoidal sheets and lit from the inside by ten lighting fixtures. The digits saying “LAB” was put there to signal the entrance to Lab-land, but had no other relation to the installation.



[vimeo id=”1588093″ width=”614″ height=”490″]


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