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Tobias Ebsen

Digital Designer, M.A., PhD

Tobias Ebsen is a researcher, designer and artist working with digital media installations. He has produced and collaborated on a large number of projects, exploring the intersections of digital technology, art, and public spaces. Among these projects are the lighting design for the Denmark Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The work has mainly focused on the architectural and material potentials of technology, where interaction and perception is situated and embedded in a physical context. Tobias Ebsen holds a PhD degree from Aarhus University in Denmark at the Department for Aesthetics and Communication. His dissertation titled “Material Screen” investigated the notion of “materiality” as an artistic approach in media art and media architecture. He is currently based en Copenhagen, where he works independently with designing and implementing media installations. Tobias Ebsen has been a member of Media Architecture Institute since 2012.


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