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ATMOSPHERE, Copenhagen 2009

The art installation “Atmosphere” measures the amount of carbondioxide in the air at three different locations in a city. The measured data is converted into sound and visuals and presented on a 2-meter high, quadrant sculpture that function as a transparent, low resolution LED screen. As such a normally non-sensuous phenomenon suddenly becomes visible and audible.

Atmosphere was originally developed for an exhibition on the city square in Copenhagen during the COP15 climate summit in 2009. The goal was to challenge the ongoing debate about climate change and the much dicussed issues of carbondioxide that had been proclaimed the villan and cause of global warming. As much as the debate was about cutting carbon emissions, little did we know about the actual levels and how they affected our daily lives. Paradoxically, we were debating a phenomena that no one was able to sense. Atmosphere was conceived on the basis of this non-senseable character of carbondioxide. The installation provides an artistic interpretation of carbon levels, while making no judment of what is good or bad for the environment.

In november 2011 Atmosphere was exhibitted in Sydney as a part of the Curating Cities event at the Customs House.


Type of work: light design and programming
Place: copenhagen city sqare 2009, sydney customs house 2011
Sound artist: morten riis
Partners: DUL, CAVI, Hopenhagen, 3 Mobile, TEKNE Production
Hardware: led panels, co2-sensors, arduionos, internet-modems, headphones
Software: max/msp, arduino, flash as3



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