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AESyphon is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects that acts like a Syphon server and provides a live preview to any Syphon client. Just drop the file in the Plug-ins folder, start After Effects and you are ready to go.

PLEASE NOTE: AESyphon does not appear anywhere in After Effects. It is a plugin without a user interface. Simply start After Effects and your Syphon client will show the input from After Effects.


The free version is limited to QVGA resolution (1024×768):

download free version (77 KB)

The unlimited version can be obtained by donating $20 USD per computer. After donation you will receive the file by e-mail. This happens usually within a few hours, but may take up a day or two, so please be patient. Thanks!


Just unzip the file and move it to your After Effects’s plug-in folder. Typically:
/Applications/Adobe After Effects CC/Plug-ins/


To keep After Effects from outputting low-resolution previews, please choose “Full” resolution preview:

And disable fast previews:


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